Joint BPM/BPI cluster meeting on June 18: presentation by Remco and Oktay on “the effect of exceptions in business processes”

Agenda BPM Cluster Meeting Thursday June 18, 2015

  1. Announcements and updates on current research activities [12:30 – 12:40]
  2. Brainstorm on how to increase participation in BPM cluster meetings [12:40 – 12:50]
    • Regular meeting day and time (see Doodle poll)
  3. Presentation by Remco Dijkman and Oktay Turetken [12:50 – 13:30]
    • Title: The Effect of Exceptions in Business Processes
    • Abstract: Business process models typically distinguish between the normal flow of work and exceptions to the normal flow. However, business processes often present an idealized view. When looking at the way in which the work is actually performed, unexpected exceptions to the normal flow of work – exceptions that are not modelled in the business process model – also occur. This has an effect on the efficiency of the organization, because information systems are not developed to handle unexpected exceptions. In this talk, we will present the findings of our study on the effect that exceptions have on the operational performance of an organization. We studied the effect by analyzing execution logs of information systems from five organizations, classifying execution paths from those logs as normal or exceptional. Subsequently, we analyzed the differences between normal and exceptional paths. The results show that exceptions are related to worse operational performance in terms of a longer throughput time and that unexpected exceptions lead to a stronger increase in throughput time than expected exceptions. The results also show that there are different types of exceptions, which have different effects on operational performance.