BPM cluster meeting (13 Jan): Presentation by Oktay Turetken & Irene Vanderfeesten


BPM cluster meeting (10 Feb 2017): Presentation by “Oktay Turetken & Irene Vanderfeesten”

Dear All,
We are pleased to invite you to our next BPM Cluster Meeting that will take place on Friday, Feb.10, 2017 — 12:30 – 13:30 (Paviljoen J.17 )
We will first have a round of discussion about cluster’s research activities on BPM.
This will be followed by a talk by me and Irene.
Please find below the information about the talk.
Speaker: Oktay Turetken, Irene Vanderfeesten

Title: The Understandability of Business Process Models: The Effect of Cognitive Profiles

Abstract: In our 1BM05 BPM course, we have performed an experiment with the students, with the aim to understand their cognitive profile and the potential influence of some profile characteristics on the understandability of business process models.
We have promised students to present the initial findings in a BPM Cluster meeting.
Irene and I will present the early results regarding our master students cognitive styles (e.g., whether they are analytic or intuitive thinkers, visual or verbal/sequential or global/ active or reactive learners, field dependent or independent, etc.) and will provide a brief overview of the early results on the influence of these factors on business process understandability.