Our (IS-)HEART is Pounding

Each first and third Friday of the month, our healthcare cluster organizes so-called IS-HEART sessions. Originally, in these sessions we were primarily about discussing papers (IS-HEART stands for the Information Systems Healthcare Reading Team). Since recently, we are inviting our students to present their progress in these sessions. The result is that the sessions have become much more lively and all researchers enjoy to learn through our students many practicalities from real-life healthcare analysis and redesign studies. Also, practitioners attend our IS-HEART session too. Attached to this post, you find some pictures from last week’s session (the session from January 2013, week 3).

Please join us in one of our future sessions: students who wish to present are encouraged to contact us and anyone is welcome to join the (discussion) audience!

Pre-Announcement: Arthur Wasylewicz will speak about GASTON

We will soon have an invited talk by Arthur Wasylewicz, an expert in the CDS system from the Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven. Arthur is a pharmacist researcher and has (amongst others) been involved in GASTON projects that go from pure medical requirements engineering to the actual system implementation. In order to focus his talk, we are calling for your input: please let us know which aspects you are most interested in.

We will soon after fix the date and topic of the talk.

“Scriptieprijs”: award for innovative master theses on eHealth

To all students that are finalizing their master thesis or BEP project in our IS group: please constact your mentor concerning the Scriptieprijs from Stichting Digitalezorg.nl en ZonMw.

Students supervised by Pieter Van Gorp (see picture) have probably seen the related wall posters various times already. Now it is time to act: submissions are due next month.
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Additional presentation planned for this week’s IS-HEART session

As announced earlier, this Friday one group of students will present their results related to a project at the emergency department of the MMC.

We proudly announce today that another group will give a presentation as well. Therefore, we will have two presentations: one from 12:30 to 13:00 and one from 13:00 to 13:30.

Title: Wage labor and partnerships in health care.

The health care system in the Netherlands works with specialists in wage labor and partnerships. The focus lies on the differences between these two systems. In the presentation these systems are evaluated using a model.