HealthCare Cluster Events June 2013

Steven DassenThis month, we have many exciting events:

  1. First of all, in W1, we have an IS-HEART session. Lonneke Vermeulen and Parvathy Meenakshy will present their research proposal for their master thesis: June 7th, 12-13u. Note: this IS-HEART session starts 30minutes earlier than usual!
  2. Also on June 7th, Pieter Van Gorp will talk about MyPHRMachines in a guest lecture for the course 1BK00 – Healthcare information systems: 13:30-15:00 in AUD02.
  3. in W2, we have our healthcare cluster meeting. Please send your agenda points to the cluster leader
  4. in W3 we have no IS-HEART session since it is moved to W4.
  5. in W4, we have an IS-HEART session. Jan-Joost Boere will present his research proposal for his master thesis. June 28th, 12:30-13:30.
  6. Also on June 28th, Willem Dalinghaus will defend his master thesis: 15:00-17:00. Please consult our mailing lists for further details.