Master Thesis Defense by Anouk Suntjens on Knowledge Maintenance for Clinical Rules

On Friday, September 27th 2013, Anouk Suntjens has defended her master thesis. The thesis relates to a project conducted in collaboration with the hospital pharmacy of the Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven (CZE).

Thesis title

Knowledge Translation and Maintenance in health care: Identification of the requirements for tool support.


This study investigates the requirements for a tool supporting Knowledge Translation and Maintenance (KT&M) in the health care sector. The process is currently inefficient, resulting in a suboptimal level of care. An overview of practical support options and tool requirements is derived from a case study in a Dutch hospital. In addition, theoretical tool requirements are obtained via a literature review. These support options and tool requirements are validated with different process stakeholders from the hospital. As a result, useful insights are obtained in the perceptions of process actors with respect to knowledge translation and maintenance and their preferences for tool support during the CR process. Tools should demonstrate their practical usefulness and focus on supporting collaboration between different stakeholders, automatic filling of artefacts, and traceability between sources and their usage.

Both the TU/e supervisors as well as the CZE contacts were very pleased with the end-result as well as by Anouk’s professionalism throughout the thesis project execution.

The full thesis text can be downloaded from the TU/e library.