IS-HEART session on Simulation in Healthcare

Speaker: Geovanny Correa Cevallos (master thesis student in Operations Management and Logistics)

Title: Computer simulation applied to interventions in healthcare: Literature Review

Abstract: When ethical principles and financial convenience enter in the game, it is necessary to have a tool to evaluate possible changes in policies and norms.  The use of computer simulation is being proved very useful in this matter in the context of healthcare. The purpose of this presentation will be to show the results of the literature review after going through some basic concepts about simulation, intervention research, what are the available methods, and which of those fit better with the purpose of applying computer simulation in evaluating healthcare systems. At the end, the methodology proposed by Sobolev et al. (2012) is presented as a reference to conduct such type of simulation. Furthermore it will be mentioned a chance for improvement in the implementation of this method given the automatic translation method suggested by Eshuis & Van Gorp (2014)

When/where: April 24th, 2015, in K16 (see agenda).