Presentation: Designing for Shared Decision-Making

On Friday, May 20th, Ingeborg Griffioen will give a talk on Designing for Shared Decision-Making. 

Where: TU/e, Paviljoen, K16
When: 12:30-13:30
Agenda Item: see

Abstract: Shared Decision-Making (SDM) is a process in which a doctor informs a patient about available treatments and options, potential benefits and risks and patient understanding is checked. The patient informs the doctor about his or her values, preferences, fears, lifestyle, believes and knowledge. Based upon this shared knowledge, pros and cons are discussed, after which the doctor expresses a preferred option with background reasoning and finally ideally consensus is achieved together.
Systematic reviews showed that higher levels of involvement of patients in decision-making resulted in better quality of care, increased satisfaction (for both patients and medical staff), improved self-esteem for patients, it helps patients address their information needs, and it can promote deliberate treatment decisions. However, implementation in daily medical practice appears limited. SDM is confronted with several barriers.
Where should designers start working to improve shared decision-making? How can they help both health seekers and health professionals to effectively participate and co-operate in SDM? From a designer perspective it makes sense to improve SDM by considering (and if necessary redesigning) all potential contributing (or negatively influencing) factors.
In this presentation an overview of factors and challenges relevant for designers will be presented.