IS-HEART presentation June 5th: Dynamic Clinical Checklist Support Systems

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Speakers: Lonneke Vermeulen (TU/e – IS) and Ashley De Bie Dekker (Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven)
Title: The first pilot study of DCCSS Tracebook, from idea to results

Abstract: Atul Gawandas’ Checklist Manifesto made the medical world realize the high potential of clinical safety checklists in reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. As the current computerized checklist support systems were too static, the Brainbridge II program (a collaboration between the Eindhoven University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Philips Research and Catharina Hospital Eindhoven) developed a system that can individualize checklists based on information from the patient’s medical record while also considering the context of the clinical workflows. By the end of last year (2014) the first pilot study of the Dynamic Clinical Checklist Support System (DCCSS) Tracebook took place in the hospital. In this presentation we will guide you from the beginning of this project to the results of the first pilot study.

After a short introduction of the Tracebook system, we will describe how we developed these dynamic checklists, which research design we followed and how the pilot study was set up. We will conclude with the promising results from the study and afterwards there is time for discussion.

IS-HEART presentation by Parvathy Meenakshy

Update: this session was originally scheduled for Dec. 20th, it was rescheduled to 17/1/2014.

Parvathy Meenakshy will soon present to the IS-HEART session participants the results of her recently defended master thesis. Parvathy has graduated as a Master of Science in Business Information Systems. Her thesis, entitled A Performance Measurement Framework for Clinical Pathways Monitoring is based on a collaboration with the cardiologists of the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven.

Thesis Goals: Develop a framework for performance measurement system for clinical pathway monitoring. The sub goals to be achieved are:

  • Develop clinical pathway indicator ontology
  • Develop a formal method to define indicators
  • Develop a performance measurement system
  • Implement a Proof of Concept of the proposed system

Get the Thesis PDF from the TU/e Library

Master Thesis Plan: Bas van Geffen

We just had an interesting session with Bas van Geffen, a student who is also an information architect in a Dutch hospital. Bas today presented to fellow students as well as IS researchers his plan for his master thesis.