Paper discussion meeting on “Runtime Logistic Process Orchestration Based on Business Transaction Choreography”

Monday, Feb 10, 12:30-13:30h in Pav. K16, Shaya Pourmirza leads the discussion on a paper by Wout Hofman on “Runtime Logistic Process Orchestration Based on Business Transaction Choreography”, published in Business Process Management Workshops 2012: 550-559. See below for the abstract.


Today logistic systems are business document based, e.g. processing ship manifest, load lists, declarations, and shipping instructions. Business processes are organized in handling these business documents in the context of framework contracts with business partners. Implementations of new requirements like the Entry Summary Declaration 24 hours before the goods are actually loaded on a vessel are therefore difficult to implement in those systems. Furthermore, these systems have difficulties in configuring business processes in a dynamic environment in which processes are configured for one specific business transaction. This paper proposes a high level logistic process modeling environment supporting logistic services according the business document choreography defined for these services.