Welcome to the Smart Mobility Cluster


Information systems for smart mobility support the intelligent routing of business objects in complex business processes. Business objects can be physical or non-physical (digital) artefacts. Business processes for smart mobility typically span multiple collaborating organizations, for instance transportation processes in the context of supply chains. Information systems for smart mobility build on well-established IT paradigms like Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

Application domains are logistics, manufacturing, and service-based business networks. We are currently involved in research projects like DITCM Architecture and GET Service. Publications can be found via the webpages of the cluster members.

Workshop on Intelligent Service Clouds @ ICSOC 2014

Together with Roman Vaculin (IBM Research) and Alex Norta (Tallinn Technology University), Rik Eshuis organizes a workshop on Intelligent Service Clouds at the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing 2014. The workshop on Intelligent Service Clouds follows the increasing interest in big data, cloud, analytics services and rich combinations with human driven services. The goal of the workshop is to provide a platform for exploring this exciting landscape and new challenges in the context of intelligent service clouds. It aims at bringing together researchers from various communities interested in the challenges. Apart from reviewed papers, the workshop hosts a keynote by prof. Mike Papazoglou on Smart Manufactoring Clouds.

Paper discussion meeting on Cloud Manufacturing

Monday, Oct 13, 12:30-13:30h in Pav. K16, Claudia Chituc will present the paper by Zhang et al. ” Cloud manufacturing: a new manufacturing paradigm”, Enterprise Information Systems, Vol. 8, Iss. 2, 2014; see below for the abstract.


Title: Cloud manufacturing: a new manufacturing paradigm

Abstract: Combining with the emerged technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of things, service-oriented technologies and high performance computing, a new manufacturing paradigm – cloud manufacturing (CMfg) – for solving the bottlenecks in the informatisation development and manufacturing applications is introduced. The concept of CMfg, including its architecture, typical characteristics and the key technologies for implementing a CMfg service platform, is discussed. Three core components for constructing a CMfg system, i.e. CMfg resources, manufacturing cloud service and manufacturing cloud are studied, and the constructing method for manufacturing cloud is investigated. Finally, a prototype of CMfg and the existing related works conducted by the authors’ group on CMfg are briefly presented.