Paper discussion meeting on “Business Process Intelligence”

Monday, Feb 9, 12:30-13:30h in Pav. K16, Rui de Almeida e Santos Nogueira leads the discussion on a paper by Grigori et al. on “Business Process Intelligence”, published in Computers in Industry, Vol. 53 Iss 3 pp. 321 – 343, 2004. See below for the abstract.


Business Process Management Systems (BPMSs) are software platforms that support the definition, execution, and tracking of business processes. BPMSs have the ability of logging information about the business processes they support. Proper analysis of BPMS execution logs can yield important knowledge and help organizations improve the quality of their business processes and services to their business partners. This paper presents a set of integrated tools that supports business and IT users in managing process execution quality by providing several features, such as analysis, prediction, monitoring, control, and optimization. We refer to this set of tools as the Business Process Intelligence (BPI) tool suite. Experimental results presented in this paper are very encouraging. We plan to investigate further enhancements on the BPI tools suite, including automated exception prevention, and refinement of process data preparation stage, as well as integrating other data mining techniques