Research presentation Customer Knowledge Management lifecycle in PSS Value Networks

Next Monday, Jul 13, 12:30-13:30h, we have a research presentation by Samaneh during our monthly cluster meeting in Pav. K16. In the meeting, Sameneh will present her current research on customer knowledge management in the context of product-service system value networks; see below for the abstract. I hope to see you all. Let me know in case you can’t attend.


Title : Customer Knowledge Management lifecycle in PSS Value Networks: Towards process characterization

Following a service orientation paradigm, value is no longer restricted to product functionalities. Value is in particular based on co-creation with customers, making use of their experiences and leading to so-called integrated solutions. The longitudinal view on relationships with customers requires networked collaboration of multiple partners with their mutual customers within the context of a product-service system (PSS) value network. A customer-centric view on solution offerings motivates PSS value networks to enhance their understanding of customers’ needs. To achieve a shared understanding of customers’ needs across a network, customer knowledge can be seen as a prerequisite.
Prior research has been primarily focused on an intra-organizational perspective on customer knowledge management (CKM), in which customer knowledge (CK) is obtained in a one-to-one relationship. In the context of PSS value networks, besides the individual CK of each partner, CK is also co-created through the interaction of several partners with customers during solution processes. However, this asks for a broader conceptualization of CKM. Moreover, a long term relationship with customers demonstrates new opportunities for CKM. Hence, a firm-centric approach is inadequate for managing the network-level processes of CK creation, storage / retrieval, transfer, and application across a PSS value network. In this research, based on the novel characteristics of a PSS value network, a conceptual framework of the value network customer knowledge management (VN-CKM) lifecycle is developed and its four main processes is characterized.