Research presentation on HORSE

This Friday (Jan 22) Jonnro Erasmus will introduce the recently started EU project HORSE in which our group participates; see below for the abstract.


Mass customization and personalization is approaching a state where every instance of a product is different from all other instances of that same product. This variation in the product specifications clearly has manufacturing implications. It is an exceedingly laborious and expensive task to adjust manufacturing systems for different product variations. To keep cost down while reaching for more individualised products, manufacturers want to do more with less equipment and operating personnel. This dilemma represents a system optimisation problem in which the input into the process constantly changes, the service stations are not fixed and the process steps are dependant on the product requirements. TU/e is one of the 15 partners in the HORSE project, which aims to develop techologies for the smart factories of the future. Jonnro will present an overview of the project and give some detail about the role of TU/e.