Research presentation on “Service-dominant business design for a logistics service platform”

In the SmartMobility cluster meeting of Friday Apr 22, 12:30-13:30h, in Pav. K16, Elena Tufan will present her LMS project on Service-dominant business design for the logistics service platform of Portbase; see below for the abstract.


Service-dominant business design for a logistics service platform

In the Port of Rotterdam and the other Dutch ports, coordination and exchange of logistics information take place easily via the services provided by the Port Community System of Portbase. In designing and developing solutions, Portbase deals with an ongoing change in customer requirements, technologies and systems. To keep pace with these dynamic changes, Portbase envisions making the transition in its innovation approach from a technology-push view to a customer-oriented pull view, i.e. a service-dominant business design.

The current design project helps Portbase to flexibly design and offer customer-centric solutions by using the BASE/X framework. To this end, the project analyzes the business strategy and the business services in the service-dominant context. The results of this analysis show that the current business services do not fit the business goals of Portbase. Therefore, the business service catalog and business services are redesigned enabling Portbase to operationalize service-dominant business models in service compositions. For a proper usage of the business service catalog, a user manual and an automated repository (i.e., a database) are further developed.

As a whole, the project provides Portbase a structured method for successfully implementing the service-dominant business design. From a managerial point of view, the design provides a holistic approach to align the organization capabilities with the required capabilities of the