Research presentation on a method to operationalize service-dominant business models into process models

Friday, June 22, 12:30-13:30h, in Pav. K16, we have our next cluster meeting, in which Bambang Suratno will present his recent research on a method for the operationalization of service-dominant business models into conceptual business process models. See below for the abstract.


Abstract. Service Dominant Logic (SDL) is a mindset that creates many opportunities for designing and innovating networked-business models. One general problem in business model design is the limited support that would guide the operationalization of business models into process-aware information systems (PAIS). This paper proposes a method (namely, SDBMOM) for the operationalization of service-dominant business models into conceptual business process models in BPMN as a first step to the business model implementation. SDBMOM is developed as part of BASE/X business engineering framework that aims to provide conceptual and methodological support for adopting SDL in the end-to-end business design and operationalization. In the development of the SDBMOM, we follow the design-science research methodology, where we defined the problem and set of design goals, developed and designed our artifact, and demonstrated its use. SDBMOM is conceptualized and characterized in the BASE/X framework and presented as a stepwise method that relies on the well-known process modeling approach – BPMN. In this paper, we use an illustrative scenario of travelling service (i.e. TraXP eXecutive) to demonstrate the validity of the method. A structured method which ensures the operationalization of business models as a whole and delineates the operational scope and their boundaries for each value co-creating organization will provide the basis for the specification of conceptual and executable process models, and eventually the implementation as a process-aware information system.

Keywords: Service-Dominant Business Model, Operationalization, Process Model, Service Composition.