Research presentation on “Service-Dominant Business Design”

Monday, May 12, 12:30-13:30h in Pav. K16, Egon Luftenegger gives a guided tour through his PhD thesis “Service-Dominant Business Design”. See below for the abstract.


Service-Dominant Business Design

The Service-Dominant Business Design Framework is presented as steps for doing business design by using four layers: Service-Dominant Strategy, Service-Dominant Business Models, Business Service Compositions and Business Services. The layers of the framework were developed as a set of tools for supporting the Service-Dominant Business Design process. These tools were constructed by using Action Design Research (ADR) and literature review as research methods. By using ADR, Egon worked inside an asset-based financial services company with global footprint for constructing and testing artifacts as management tools that support the Service-Dominant Business Design process.

This presentation is composed by two parts:

Part I : short presentation
Part II: guided tour through the PhD thesis “Service-Dominant Business Design”

In part I, I will present shortly about the whole PhD thesis. In Part II, I will zoom in the PhD thesis about aspects not covered in previous presentations within the IS group.

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