Target Markets

GameBus has been applied successfully in various innovative companies and municipalities. Contact us and we will propose you a service package in direct support of your strategy!

GameBus at Companies

We help your employees to feel fitter and more energetic at work. We provide GameBus services that reward colleagues for supporting each other and for performing healthy activities during or outside working hours. Since sitting is the new smoking, we provide GameBus challenges that prevent new epidemics of cardiovascular diseases and chronic back injuries. Our service packages are tailor-made and we provide low-entry costs as well as holistic campaigns for companies of all sizes.

GameBus at Municipalities

Interested in our success in The Netherlands and Flanders? Turn your city staff into ambassadors that radiate vitality and inspire your citizens! Involve local sports clubs and other organizations and become the healthiest municipality in your district.

About GameBus

GameBus is brought to the market by Eindhoven University of Technology, thanks to acceleration by EIT Digital, Action Line Digital Wellbeing. The project is based on significant carrier funding by Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Telecom Italia (TIM), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Trento RISE and Fondazione Br

Our Team

Pieter Van Gorp

Founder and CTO

Pieter's goal is to make it fun to solve societal problems and he focuses on data-driven primary prevention. He has a research background on privacy preserving data analysis techniques to empower citizens based on their personal data.

Isabelle van Wely

Master Graduate Intern

I am involved in the GameBus Project because my graduation project is focused on GameBus. I will look at the implementation process of the app at the forensic psychiatric department.

Marjam Bahari

Business development intern

Marjam is passionate about applying gamification to improve people’s lives and to make behavior more sustainable. With a background in psychology, technology and business, she contributes in identifying and evaluating application opportunities.

Raoul Nuijten

Master Graduate Intern

Raoul is conducting a Master’s research focussed on finding applications of serious games in the smart and healthy city of the future.

Li Yuan

Master Graduate Intern

Li did the research to explore some potential relations among GameBus datasets, which helps GameBus designers to understand current challenge situation. During his research, he leveraged statistical methods and clustering algorithms to analyze current data sets from GameBus database.

Laura van Geel

UX Designer

Worked on the development of the GameBus application and marketing materials.

Claudio Petrazzuolo

Task Manager for the FoodAppy integration

Back-end Developer and great football lover. Claudio’s goal is to build a diet game “FoodAppy”, a pocket dietician following your diet everyday and incentivizing you to a healthy nutrition through a gamified approach.

Franca Delmastro

CNR Researcher @ Institute for Informatics and Telematics

Franca has research expertise on ICT solutions for health and well-being and smart cities. She has been responsible for the development of TimeTogether and WeSense apps in GameBus project, mobile solutions aimed at improving social inclusion in daily life and citizens’ awareness and participation with respect to the local environment.

Emanuele Distefano

CNR Research Assistant @ Institute for Informatics and Telematics

Mobile app developer with a background on Computer Engineering, designer and photography enthusiast. He developed TimeTogether for GameBus, an application for Android and Android Wear aimed at monitoring and stimulating physical social interactions among GameBus' players.

Flavio Di Martino

CNR Research Assistant @ Institute for Informatics and Telematics

Mobile developer with a background on Biomedical Engineering, football lover. He developed WeSense for GameBus, an Android application aimed at increasing active citizens’ participation in the city daily life, with specific reference to air quality and environmental conditions.

Willemijn Steens

Project Manager

Research towards the possibilities of GameBus as a corporate health program. With an focus on work engagement and work-related basic need satisfaction.

Mazen Aly

Student Assistant at TU/e

I developed the data integration layer between Gamebus and Selfcare which connects to various suppliers of lifestyle and health devices. Data from these devices, sensors and applications are integrated on a single independent platform.

Jelle Leermakers

Master Graduate Intern

In his master thesis project, Jelle implemented GameBus in a group of forensic psychiatric patients. A great collaboration with the mental healthcare institution made his project a success and even showed first signs of health improvement for this target group, with use of GameBus.

Maarten Kooijman

Master Graduate Intern

Maarten did research whether GameBus can be used within a care institution for people with intellectual disabilities. During his research he has examined which clients can use GameBus and how it could be an added value for both the client and the healthcare institution.

Arash Shahrestani

Bachelor Graduate Intern

Currently researching and reporting on the usability of GameBus, its impact on perceived physical and mental health status, and determining specific characteristics for GameBus challenges to sustain app usage, via pilot studies in corporate environments.

Paul Brouwers

Business analyst

As a master thesis student Paul researched the possible business cases involved with the launch of GameBus to make it a financially viable product. Paul also supported the front-end development of the application.

Chan Naseeb

Software Engineer (API Designer)

Software Integration between external Game APIs and the Game Bus repository”. As a software engineer in this project, I have contributed along the following aspects: design of the Data Model, development of the backend /platform, provided the REST API, integration and Testing of Different apps. This all was achieved through project management, communication, collaboration with Partners, rigorous testing and undoubtedly strong and regular inputs by Pieter, the CTO of the GameBus project. This was one of the best and challenging projects that I've ever had.


Health App Usage in an Extramural Health Care Organization: GameBus Real-Life Trial
By: Arash Sharestani (BEP) (January 2016)
This thesis elaborated the concept of the app ‘GameBus’ and how it can be used in a specific environment with different type of users, needs and wishes of users regarding content and features and concludes with recommendations for challenges to be used by GameBus.
Usage of health apps in forensic mental healthcare: GameBus in a closed environment
By:  Jelle Leermakers (January 2016)
Results indicate that the use of a mobile health application can have a positive influence on a forensic client’s health and well‐being. Especially on mental or cognitive health, the application looks promising. But also possibilities for positive effects on other health aspects and even reduce of drug lust, seem possible.
The potential of a mobile health rewarding app (GameBus) for people with intellectual disabilities: different scenarios
By: Maarten Kooijman (February 2016)
The findings and experiences of clients and client supervisors with the application of GameBus are presented. Three promising use cases were found in which GameBus can play a role. GameBus is a valuable way to motivate and stimulate clients to perform physical, social, cognitive and other (e.g., domestic) activities.
Investigating the relationship of GameBus use and health activities with employee work engagement
By: Willemijn Steens (October 2016)
The main findings show that the use of GameBus is significantly related to a perceived increase in mental activities. They also show that social contact negatively influences how competent people feel in their job. Furthermore, health activities, more specifically mental activities, increase the work engagement of employees. Finally, people who are more engaged at their work, use the social health application GameBus more often.

Press Coverage

Would you like to write an article about GameBus? Contact us for the most recent developments regarding GameBus! We will contact you shortly to see how we can be of help. Also we will keep you updated about our latest developments.

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