Welcome to DSS4HCP

Improving access and delivery of health care is a very actual topic in many countries. In order to meet the challenges posed by growing medical costs, aging population and limited resources, new technologies and new methods are urgently needed.

The DSS4HCP workshop aims to discuss and produce such novel technologies and methods, especially those for decision support.  The workshop focuses on decisions that take into account both clinical and logistic aspects.  More specifically, the purpose of the workshop is to balance between optimal care quality and manageable costs for societies and insurance companies.

Advanced decision support systems and workflow management systems can make care delivery respectively more evidence-based and more efficient.  Moreover, process discovery and conformance checking methods can be used to ensure that computerized models are based on the operational facts rather than on wishful thinking.

A particular challenge however remains to bridge the gap between medical and administrative processes.  Therefore, we welcome especially techniques that reconcile clinical decision support systems, nurse support workflows, patient planning systems as well as legacy systems from previously isolated players in integrated healthcare enterprises and cross-organizational care supply chains.