Research Software

I am the founder (and key developer) of the following software artifacts:

  • GameBus is an app that encourage and reward families and friends to stay active socially, mentally and physically in a personalized gaming experience.  See The app is available on all platforms (iOS, Android and browser) and generated commercial revenues in less than two years.
  • SHARE is a platform for supporting Reproducible Research, enabling you to share an optimally configured (virtual) machine to your fellow researchers without forcing them to download large files or install a hypervisor. See (documentationscreencast). The platform has roughly 450 users and it was awarded a 2nd prize (worth 5000 USD) in a challenge by ElsevierSHARE has a global user base, reaching universities from various continents (QUT, UWaterloo, UFPE, UChile, Vanderbilt University, UAntwerpen, TU Berlin, TUM, Univaq, …) as well as various organiations and research institutions (Catharina Ziekenhuis, INRIA, CNR, FZI, …).
  • MyPHRMachines is a private cloud enabling the safe execution of untrusted code on personal health data. See
  • AD2SC is an open source transformation from activity diagram to statecharts. See (screencast)

Furthermore, I am the daily supervisor of Shan Nan, who has developed Tracebook, the first Dynamic Clinical Checklist Support System.