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Work Information

Job Title

Professor of IT and Business Process at The Open University, The Netherlands

Associate Professor of IT Enabled Redesign at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Key responsibilities

The Open University:

*   Program manager of the master program Information Management

Eindhoven University:

*   Member of the management board of the section Information Systems

*   Associate researcher of the research school BETA


Department or workgroup

The Open University:

     Department of Management Sciences,

     Section Information Management

Eindhoven University:

     Department of Technology Management

     Section Information Systems


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Favorite Links

*   The Open University Home Page

*   Eindhoven University of Technology Home Page

*   Software Management


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address

Office phone

The Open University: +31 (45) 5762975.

Eindhoven University: +31 (40) 2474076


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Current Projects

*   Developing a meta language for enterprise modeling

*   Writing a book on software quality

*   Developing the master program BPICT


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Biographical Information

Born in 1957 in Zevenaar, The Netherlands.

Studied Econometrics at The Catholic University of Brabant, graduated in 1982.

Obtained in 1988 a PhD. in logistical aspects of admission planning for general hospitals at Eindhoven University of Technology, promotor Prof. Monhemius.

1982-1987:    research assistant at Eindhoven University of Technology

1987-1998:    assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology

1998 -      :   associate professor at Eindhoven University of Technology

1999 -      :   professor at The Open University


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Personal Interests

*   History

*   Music

*   Film

*   Detectives


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Last revised: 31 May 2005