Research Students

PhD students

  • Qing Chuan (Charlie) Ye (Erasmus), Multi-agent systems for container transportation, 2012-
  • Jason Rhuggenaath, Data-aided adaptive decision support for online revenue optimization, 2016 –
  • Paulo da Costa, Real-time data-driven maintenance logistics, 2018 –
  • Reza Fefaei, Programmatic advertising decision system, 2018 –
  • Gonenc Tarakcioglu (external), 2018 –
  • Chetan Yadati (TU Delft), Coordinated Autonomous Planning and Scheduling, 2006 – 2012. co-supervised with Prof. Cees Witteveen

Postdoc researcher

Master students at TU/e and JADS:

  • Thomas Hagebols, Image based dietary assessment using artificial
    neural networks, 2018. BIS & DSE double degree
  • Victor Stastra, Machine learning in cryptocurrency markets. Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, 2018
  • Evertjan Peer: The Train Unit Shunting Problem: a deep reinforcement learning approach, 2018. OML & CSE double degree
  • Bart Terpstra, Data-driven risk assessment for pharmaceutical logistics, OML, 2018
  • Wouter van de Donk, Predicting failures of trucks using sensor data, OML/MSE, 2018
  • Arno van de Ven, Machine learning for train unit shunting problem, OML, 2018
  • Vasanth Mohan: Development of a risk exposure method for global pharmaceutical logistics, OML, 2017
  • Edward Goudsmits: A fi rst step towards predictive maintenance: predicting the number of repairs of a truck, OML, 2017
  • Jelle Dikker: Boosted tree learning for balanced item recommendation in online retail, BIS, 2017
  • Tom de Ronde
  • Dylan Rijnen: Applied simulation optimization in the trailer management process, BIS, 2017

Earlier master students (Erasmus U.)

  • Nishant Ramsaroep (Erasmus), Predicting auction outcomes, 2017
  • Sabri Bouzidi (Erasmus), Barge processing policies in container terminals: a multi-agent simulation study, 2014
  • Jonathan van der Boom (Erasmus), Agent Based Modeling for Financial Markets, 2014
  • Jeroen de knijff (Erasmus), Designing Tariffs in a Competitive Energy Market, 2011-05/2012
  • Kevin Meijer (Erasmus), A State-based Prediction Model for Energy Demand Forecasting, 2011-06/2012
  • Siyuan Gu (Erasmus), Market Clearing Price Prediction in Agent Design for Power Trading Agent Competition, 2011/2012
  • Allard Kleijn (Erasmus), Weighted Voting Game Heuristics, co-supervise with Tomas Klos,2011-05/2012
  • Bart de Keijzer (TU Delft), On the design and synthesis of voting games, co-supervise with Tomas Klos, 2008/2009
  • Arman Noroozian (TU Delft), Incentivizing seeding in BitTorrent, co-supervise with Mathijs de Weerdt, 2009/2010